My work with her has been amazing in just 4 sessions. She saw things in my body that needed attention and healing, and doctors and acupuncturists have verified what she saw to be true. Working with her has served as a godsend to help those doctors treat me more effectively, and I am seeing true results at last, both emotionally and physically, around my reproductive health and organs and endocrine balance. I like to think of her as their secret weapon.  She SEES disease, stagnation, blockages… at the energy level, and very literally how it’s affecting your body and your organs, as well as what emotional/physical roots it is tied to, and is able to help RELEASE this with her very specific and unique type of healing, with you as an active participant. 

Laura Swan


My partner and I tried to conceive for over 5 years and we had given up on the idea of natural conception. I started healing sessions with Laura with the purpose to improve my overall health, wellbeing, and to create more balance in my life. Within a few healings, my health improved, I felt connected to my inner peace and I started to feel calmer yet more energized.   To my surprise, in my fifth session with Laura, I saw a tiny pure bright light appear close to my body. Laura told me to protect it and nurture it as if I was pregnant. A few days later we conceived. I now have a beautiful baby boy. Everything truly is made out of energy and I feel so blessed to be a witness and receiver of this miracle, the result of incredible energy work by Laura. I continue to see Laura to maintain the balance of all the beautiful work. Deepest gratitude to you Laura for enriching my life!”


Singer, Songwriter

Laura Styler is a well-trained, highly regarded, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. Her brilliance combined with compassion and profound intuitive prowess make her an amazing ally in holistic health in a very multi-dimensional way. I know all who feel called to experience true transformation and deep healing are blessed to have her support and loving presence.

Joy Adler

Director of Alternative Healing Arts, B.H.S.P., R.Hy

I just wanted to thank you for such an illuminating and healing session today. I learned a lot more about what you do, and what your therapy can accomplish. It was really incredible.

Dr. Vincent Pedre

M.D., Clinical Instructor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

I recommend working with Laura when you’re ready to get really honest with yourself. I was able to reconnect parts of myself and understand what was influencing my decisions. We discovered some thought patterns I was unaware of, and I am better off without. Shortly after working with Laura I was invited to speaking engagements, received a promotion at work, and the opportunity to be involved in community projects I’m excited about. I feel more capable now than ever before to create my best life possible.

Stacy Haddorff

Content Marketing & Partnerships, Harry & David

Dear Laura, you have given me the gift that continues to nurture. I hadn’t expected to so easily access the peacefulness I found during my first session with you. When my joints ache or when I feel tension gripping me, I go back to the deep breathing, the letting go, and my body does the rest. I have done breathing exercises for years but it took the moving of energy to open and let flow a homeostasis I had known sometime in my distant past. It was familiar, glorious, and brought me to tears.

Karlan Strong

Writer, Artist, Lover of Life

In the presence of Laura, one understands what it is to be in the presence of a truly gifted healer. I went into my first session with Laura with a deep desire to change, but also perhaps some skepticism about what this type of therapy could really do for me. As an acupuncturist, I have experienced numerous holistic modalities and I am no stranger to bodywork and energy work. I have been humbled and deeply transformed by the work we have done together.

It has far exceeded any expectation I had ever had about what is possible to achieve via “energy work”. What I find so uniquely precious and powerful about Laura and the work she does is the incredibly potent and poetic dance she does between listening to your story and when appropriate, reframing what has happened, in terms that to me were always empowering. Time and time again she brought me back to the wisdom of my body, teaching me to tune in to what I was really feeling in the moment, beyond the stories. I truly feel blessed to have Laura in the inner circle of my holistic health care team.

Mona Chopra

M.A., M.S., L.Ac

Laura brings the highest of integrity to her work. Her high vibration and gentle, caring way of meeting her clients facilitates a process of deep cellular healing. My experience of her work is profound.

Julie Migneault

Energy Healer and Business Strategist