Think of a messy ball of yarn like many strings in a big knotted mess. Have you ever had jewelry all bunched together? How did you untangle it? How long did it take you to become frustrated with it? Perhaps you had the patience to proceed with the task of untanglement to the end!

You have to gently loosen the ball by teasing it out and expanding it so you can see the different pieces spread out before you. It is very similar in the energy body to see different pieces or parts of the energy bodies compacted into a central point which have merged and therefore forgotten who they are. When an emotion becomes merged with a linear belief system or judgment about the world and it becomes compacted and lodged in the physical body and will continue to collect similar belief systems and conclusions about the world.

When an frozen or disassociated energy conglomerate has been lodged in the body for some time it becomes darker in color as it drops more and more into the unconscious because there is no longer any movement. It is no longer moving with the natural life pulse in the energy system. Over time I’ve noticed when it’s becomes a large black color a disease process has usually proceeded down into the physical body and physiology in the area where this energy conglomerate is lodged. We have to tease the different layers apart for them to release. The linear body (therapy, talking about it, naming it), the emotional body (aligning the feeling with the event again to access the “charge” and use it to release fully from the body) Usually out through the legs, arms and top of the head.

I have had first time clients who have come who have done decades of therapy and personal process work so a large aspect has already been fleeced from the block but in order to get it to fully release from the body the “charge” has to be present and sometimes skillfully guided up and out of the body. Otherwise it continues to collect stagnant energy around it, and gets recycled through the linear and/or emotional bodies and lives on as a “story”. Disconnecting the pieces and allowing them to reestablish connection: emotions reintegrate with emotional body and thoughts reintegrate with the linear body and then find homeostasis again because they are established back into movement and flow.

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